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BAPIC Calendar for 2020-2021 (exact dates TBA in September)

BAPIC Fair: Late January/early February 2021
Standard BAPIC Application deadline: mid-to-late February 2021 (postmarked/emailed by 11:59pm)
Deadline for agencies to notify applicants who are no longer under consideration: Two weeks before BAPIC Match Day 2021
BAPIC Ranking deadline: One week before BAPIC Match Day-ranking ends at 11:59pm
BAPIC Match Day: Mid-to-late April 2021-results available at 8am by logging in, and will be emailed during the day
BAPIC Open Match starts: Monday after BAPIC Match Day at 11am

BAPIC Practicum Site Guidelines

Participating doctoral programs set their own standards and requirements for practicum training. These programs share a common understanding and standards for how practicum is defined and meets training requirements set by the profession, by accrediting bodies, and by laws and regulations. This document puts forth that shared understanding. However, each program may have additional requirements that are integral to their education and training model. The purpose of this document is to inform, communicate and establish practicum standards that are consistent with the mission of BAPIC.

BAPIC Bylaws can be found here.

Information regarding the new Direct Observation APA Requirement for Practicum: FAQ and Guide

Information regarding Clinical Outcome Measures: Guidelines for Implementing Clinical Outcomes in Psychology Practicum Training

Information regarding Considerations for Pregnancy and Family Medical Care Issues and Practicum Training

Internship Interviews and Early Start Dates for Advanced Practicum Students: Tips for Managing the Process for Students and Agencies

What is BAPIC?

The Bay Area Practicum Information Collaborative is a partnership between Bay Area Doctoral Psychology Programs and practicum agencies. BAPIC was organized in 2008 with the primary goal of centralizing practicum training information and streamlining the practicum application process for doctoral students and agencies. BAPIC is doing this by:

  1. Instituting an application timeline and uniform application and notification procedures.
  2. Developing and centralizing site description forms and other practicum training resources.
  3. Sharing up-to-date psychology training information with graduate programs and practicum sites.

Future plans for BAPIC:

  • Develop training resources for practicum sites
  • Develop stronger lines of communication between practicum training sites and doctoral programs