Open Match

April 19 at 11am (five days after Match Day), 2023

Students who do not match and agencies who have positions remaining after the Match can take part in the Open Match process.

Open Match listings will become available in the BAPIC Directory on Wednesday, April 19th at 11:00am. Daily Open Match updates will be sent April 19 through June 1. Updates will continue to be sent until all positions are filled.

During Open Match, the standardized materials include 1) Cover Letter, 2) Curriculum Vita and 3) Two letters of recommendation.

Practicum Agencies with openings after BAPIC Match Day will automatically be listed as available during the Open Match process. Sites with openings after Practicum Match Day who do not wish to participate will need to opt out by updating the number of positions being offered, or they can notify BAPIC via email at

If an agency originally didn’t have positions open after the Match, but has decided to participate in the Open Match process, they can notify the Open Match Coordinator, Sharon Christensen, PsyD, via email at

Interview Process: students apply to agencies and agencies contact students to arrange interviews.

Schools will distribute Open Match updates to their students and provide support.

Students will view the BAPIC Directory for Open Match listings. Students should review Agency Profiles in the BAPIC Directory for details about each training site. Be sure your school knows you are participating in the BAPIC Open Match so they can make you aware of updates on practicum openings. Students email their cover letter and vita along with two recommendation letters to the agency (unless mail or other application processes are indicated on the BAPIC Open Match communications).

During Open Match agencies may make offers to students and students may accept offers at any time. The Open Match process is ongoing until all positions are filled.

Neither agencies nor students are allowed to contact each other about positions until the Open Match process begins. Verbal Agreements between agencies and students during Open Match are considered binding agreements. Once students accept a practicum position, they should contact their training office to inform them of the acceptance.