Match Day

BAPIC Electronic Match: April 14, 2023

BAPIC Match Policy: All agencies, schools, and students must abide by this document in order to participate in BAPIC.

BAPIC Electronic match process: BAPIC uses an electronic match (e-match) process whereby students and agencies rank each other in order of preference, and then a computer program matches student rankings with agency rankings. The decision to move to the electronic match was prompted by several years of BAPIC student and agency surveys, which showed strong support for an e-match to replace the phone match system. A local organization, PracticumFit, runs the e-match.

  • The primary goal of the e-match is to establish a match process that is fair for students and agencies, more organized and efficient, and uses a proven algorithm to increase the chance of more students matching and more agency positions being filled. An incidental, but relevant, benefit is to prepare students for the e-match systems used for APPIC and CAPIC internships since BAPIC will be using the same mathematical matching algorithm.
  • Unlike APPIC and CAPIC, only the ranking and matching process is computerized; the application process is not computerized. Open Match is not computerized either.
  • The BAPIC directory and profiles are the primary source for information about agencies and application instructions. The ranking and match process is run through the PracticumFit website. Registration instructions for PracticumFit will be provided to students by their schools, typically in the month of January.

Application Process: BAPIC standard application deadline:  February 24, 2022 (postmarked/emailed by 11:59pm)

  • Agencies will provide application instructions in the agency profile on the BAPIC directory, which is now housed at
  • Students may apply to up to 10 agencies unless stipulated otherwise by doctoral program. Students can only apply to agencies approved by their doctoral program.
  • Agencies contact students to arrange interviews.
  • Agencies notify those students they don’t intend to rank at least one week prior to the ranking deadline.
  • Agencies and students are required to keep their rank preferences confidential to ensure fairness.

PracticumFit Registration Process for students: January – February 2023 (date will depend on school)

  • Students will register with PracticumFit. Each student pays an annual $50 registration fee for e-match & Open Match process when registering with PracticumFit.
  • Registration instructions will be provided to students by their schools.

PracticumFit Ranking Deadline: April 7, 2023 at 11:59pm

  • After the interview process is over, students log into PracticumFit and rank order agencies according to their site preferences. Students may rank up to 10 programs/tracks.
  • Agencies log into PracticumFit and rank order students according to their preferences from the pool of applicants. Agencies rank only those students who they would be willing to accept as practicum students.
  • PracticumFit runs a mathematical algorithm that matches students with agencies.
  • Please note: Some agencies offer multiple tracks and may wish to have separate rank order lists for each track.

BAPIC Match Day: April 14, 2023

  • Students, agencies and schools are notified of the match outcome via email from PracticumFit.

Open Match begins: April 19, 5 days after Match Day at 11am

  • Agencies will be notified on Match Day if they have filled all practicum openings or if one or more positions are still available.  Agencies with openings will automatically be listed in Open Match; agencies will also have an option to opt out of the Open Match process at this step as well.
  • For students who do not match on Match Day, open positions will be posted five days after the match, and students will send out applications by mail or email to agencies with open positions. The Open Match process is ongoing until all positions are filled.  Openings may be filled at any time.
  • Instructions will be provided so that agencies can notify BAPIC when openings have been filled or when new positions have been added.

We are always working to improve the e-match process. We appreciate input, cooperation, and commitment from everyone to make this work throughout the entire matching process. We take what we learn each year to enhance the process for the following year.